Speakers’ Bureau

Passionate and provocative, the members of the Systems Leadership Institute Speakers’ Bureau are dedicated to the advancement of values, attitudes, behaviors and methods that enable organizations to understand themselves, improve themselves, and reinvent themselves in our complex and volatile environment. Learning takes place socially and by connecting with others, collaborative ideas will help individuals and the global community. Our dynamic, engaging, and credible speakers will rejuvenate and motivate your audience to create societal change, societal growth, and do societal good. We look forward to sharing our Speakers’ Bureau with you and helping you find a perfect fit for your upcoming event.

Jeff Clanon

Work and consulting experience in government, non profit, healthcare, education and private sectors

Elle Allison Napolitano

Translates ideas into practical tools for facilitating organizational learning and transformational leadership.

Marilyn Darling

Created the field of Emergent Learning

Andy Atkins

Author of five years of leading research on building trust within organizations

Beebe Nelson

Innovation Expert, Author, and Educator

Cynthia Way

Living From Passion & Purpose

Jay W. Vogt

A master facilitator and change agent, adept at helping people in organizations discover shared vision and take collaborative action

Jimmy Carter

Facilitator of engaging, experiential, activating sessions. - A veteran leader of strategy deployment and working with high risk teams that must succeed.

Stanley Deetz

Engage people in the production of their own futures

Robert Dickman

Narrative Influence: How we can influence others to care about what we find important.

Greg Giuliano

Speaks to aspiring leaders and anyone wiling to make a bigger impact

Mark Horowitz

Engaging and humorous storyteller

Mallary Tytel

Help shape creative responses and innovative, agile solutions to achieve your goals in a complex world.

Peter Senge

Founding Chair of SoL and the author of The Fifth Discipline and The Necessary Revolution

Nina Segura

25 years of transforming leaders and teams to successfully navigate the waters of change

Otto Scharmer

Senior Lecturer at MIT Sloan School of Management

George Roth

Enthusiastic speaker that focuses on implications for today’s managerial action utilizing latest research findings

Dr. Jeanne McPherson

Making systems thinking a personal skill—with others

Deborah Reidy

Supporting leaders and their organizations to succeed in complex & uncertain environments

Michael Sales

Every Audience is Idealistic

David Koehn

A results driven creative futurist with high integrity and excellent communication effectiveness

Art Kleiner

Editor and Management Strategy Expert

Michael LaFrancis

Learn how to gain access to the leadership, talent and networking capabilities you need

Cliff Kayser

Creating Cultural Capital Through Values Measurement