Art Kleiner


Art Kleiner has been a leading catalyst for management thinking since the mid-1980s. He is editor-in-chief of the award-winning magazine Strategy+Business (published by Booz & Company), and a regular writer on culture and change in companies and organizations. He is also editorial director of the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook series, faculty member at NYU’s renowned Interactive Telecommunications Program, and author of two acclaimed books: The Age of Heretics (a history of countercultural management ideas, published 2010) and Who Really Matters, a distinctive view of how organizations change (published 2003). He also works with executives seeking to develop coherent presence as thought leaders and leads workshops on this subject.

Speaking Topics

Thought leadership (how to put ideas forward successfully), neuroscience and leadership, the capable company, the core group, history of management ideas, the Age of Heretics, scenario planning, future scenarios, learning histories.

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