Robert Dickman


Writer, speaker and coach Bob Dickman holds up a mirror to leaders who have the courage to look at themselves closely, and do what it takes to increase their competitive edge. Collaborating with senior management teams, he has coached and developed trainings for clients at Banana Republic, The New York Times Company, Aramark, California Academy of Science, Ford Motor Company, Nike and The United States Naval Post Graduate School, and many others. Bob is the co-author of Elements of Persuasion. The book has now been translated into 14 languages.

Speaking Topics

Increasing Influence through narrative
“They can’t follow your lead if they just forgot what you said”
Creating memorable pictures in the minds of your constituents
Understanding the link between fact, emotion and action

Bibliography & Video

The Elements of Persuasion, published by HarperCollins
Changing our Organizations Through the Power of Story, published in The Systems Thinker, Pegasus Communications.


Bob is a graduate of the Hudson Institute’s coaching program 2006
In 2011 he graduated from Hudson’s Master Coach program. He is a certified coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (IFC).

Speaker Endorsement

“Bob is a powerful and intuitive coach. If you want to change fast, work with him.” —Gene Hackman, two time Academy Award winner

“I sold that tv pilot you were helping me with. ABC wants me to write it. Thanks for all your help– the proof of this working is in the success I’ve been having. I thank you, sir.” —Ken Nolan, Screen Writer – Black Hawk Down

“I just wanted to say a huge thanks for facilitating the Storytelling session! We’ve received extremely positive feedback from many groups! People feel inspired and energized!” —Rachael Shafran, Nike Global Transition Management Practice

“Bob has clearly demonstrated to senior military officers the fundamental relationship between successful leaders and their ability to generate compelling stories and instrumental in identifying our communication weaknesses.” —Susan Higgins, Deputy Director Naval Post Graduate School.

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