Greg Giuliano


Dr. Greg Giuliano is an author, blogger, speaker, coach, and consultant who calls leaders to take change seriously and make serious change. He is the author of “The Hero’s Journey – Toward a More Authentic Leadership” and Founder of Ecstasis, LLC, a leadership and organization development consultancy that designs and delivers profound change for organizations and their leaders. Check out Greg’s website:,

Speaking Topics

  • The Hero’s Journey to More Authentic Leadership
  • Ultra-Leadership, Move the Needle
  • Leadership Happens in “The Field”
  • “AIM” First to Hit the Target
  • To Encourage the Heart
  • Forget Performance Reviews

Bibliography & Video

  • “The Hero’s Journey – Toward a More Authentic Leadership” (Amazon, 2014)
  • “Ultra Leadership – Impact and Engage to Drive Positive Transformation” (Amazon, 2015)
  • “To Encourage the Heart, Forget Performance Reviews” (The leadership Challenge Newsletter, Sept 2014)


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Speaker Endorsement

  • Catriona Wiley, VP People and Culture, Torani
  • Harry Sladich, EVP Hotel Operations and Sales, Red Lion Hotels
  • Ginger Crowne, HR Partner / Learning & Development Lead, Cisco

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